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Car organizer, golf trunk organizer, golf cart accessories, seat organizer, cargo organizer, car caddy, car organizers, truck organizer and car trunk organizer. Plus, they’re great for Shopping, Tailgaiting, Picnics, Fishing, School Supplies, Office Supplies and Car Roadside Supplies.

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About Us

In late 1998, my wife (Debbie Potts) had a simple, yet creative concept for a new and Profound Product. Her idea was to create a Collapsible Automotive Trunk Organizer that would hold groceries in place while in transport. She shared her concept with me and I thought that it was, indeed, Profound. I was thrilled, and excited at the thought of this Profound idea. Together, we pursued the development of this idea until it became a reality. And thus, the First Collapsible Automotive Trunk Organizer by Profound Products® was born.

We did our first test market with the Original Profound Products 4-Way Folding Trunk Organizer at a local street fair in Encinitas, California. Customer feedback that day was just terrific and positive. It was a memorable day, and sales were fantastic!

From humble beginnings, Debbie (President and CEO of Profound Products, LLC.) now appears regularly on a popular shopping channel representing different variations of the Original Profound Products® Trunk Organizer. With exposure on national TV, coupled with our personal participation at consumer shows, fairs and special events has led Profound Products® to where it is today; and that is being able boast the sale of over 1,200,000 Profound Products® Trunk Organizers.

So much of our success is attributed directly to our customers. We have personally met and spoken with literally tens of thousands of our customers. They have contributed and given us such useful and innovative input. We truly do listen, and many of their valuable ideas have been built in to our Profound Products®.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with a quality product at the lowest possible price. It is equally important for us to provide the absolute best customer service that we can. We believe that if we give our customers a top quality product that is practical, functional and affordable along with good customer service, they may return to do business with us again. And thankfully, that has proven to be the case.

Profound Products was founded in 1999 in Solana Beach, California

Our Trunk Organizer has revolutionized the way we keep our vehicles free from clutter AND serves the practical purpose of keeping our groceries, plants, sports equipment, auto supplies, books and kids toys upright and secure during transit. Since 1999 Profound Products® has proudly been recognized as the creator of the original Trunk Organizer, which can be used in many ways such as a golf trunk organizer, car caddy and front seat organizer. This car organizer is available in a variety of colors and configurations to compliment any vehicle and function perfectly for any lifestyle. The Profound Products® Trunk Organizer is becoming a household name as we Organize America One Vehicle at a time!