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Debra and Kenneth

May 7, 2012
These are the 4th and 5th Seven way organizers I ve ordered. They make a wonderful gift and I love how I can just push mine aside when I need more open space. It flattens right out! Using these could not be easier! I love having the insulated carrier because I can run several errands and keep grocery items cold/frozen. Thank you for the bonus WPC with this order! A wonderful gift for seniors who can not climb into their trunk to retrieve oranges that are rolling around! I love these products and I will always show them off! Found my first at the 2011 International car show a couple months after having a glass jar roll out of our tall pick up and onto the ground, breaking, and knew immediately this was THE solution! We're in a smaller vehicle now and I put everything in the trunk but don't want to climb in or-worst of all-have the milk carton tip over and the nasty smell that follows that tiny leak from the lid...... You will see me again! Most sincerely, Janet Swanson
May 1 2012
I actually bought the one I've been using for over a year or two from a garage sale. It was brand new. It's never been stored because I use it practically every day! I love it! It's been showing some wear and tear and I've been telling my husband how much I wish I could find another one just like it. Well, I took it out to wipe it down after a spill and noticed on the tag the website. You would have thought I had found gold! I immediately went inside and got on the computer to order 3 sets. I may even share one, lol! I would recommend it to anyone. A great invention.
April 11, 2012
I bought my trunk organizer I-don't-know-how-many-years ago on QVC or HSN, whichever you were on. It has lasted so well, but it really is time for another one. I have needed to replace mine for over a year now, but refused to throw my original away. One day, while cleaning my car, I was folding it up, but was overjoyed to actually find a tag in it with your email address. I was hoping that you were still in business because I haven't seen this item on QVC or HSN for years. Everyone comments on it. I have had people walk up to me in parking lots and ask where I got it! I love this thing. Much to my happy surprise, here you are, still up and running. Thank goodness!! I'm buying a new one. I was a Florida resident for 15 years, and I can tell you that cooler is a God send. It really works. I have left ice cream in my car for more than an hour to do other errands and it was still solid when I got home. This is a great product, and you deserver to prosper! I can't say enough about this excellent Organizer. Maybe you should try to get it on the Today Show's Steals and Deals segment. Everyone should have this in their car! Many thanks. SHOPPERS DELIGHT
Date:10-09-11 Overall Rating 5 out of 5
Date:09-27-11 Overall Rating 5 out of 5
I got a set of these for both our vehicles, they have been wonderful! We have to shop out of town and this set has made the organization a breeze to bring everything in! Great for keep yard sale finds organized too, we usually take a few people with us and every one has their own slot, thanks! Great for trucks and trunks!
Date:09-24-11 Overall Rating 5 out of 5
I bought this to keep bags from rolling around in back of truck and back seat. So far it has worked great wish i had bought two at the time the cooler really does keep food cold from time i leave store until the time i put it in freezer. i live and hour away from closest grocery store and then i do all shopping when in town. so i needed something to keep food cold and frozen. this is the greatest ever. i would recommend it to everyone. Very handy, ingenious idea!
Date:09-08-11 Overall Rating 4 out of 5
I hated having things rolling out of my plastic bags and scattering all over my trunk. This takes care of all that! Very ingenious idea. One request - wish the compartments were a little taller. love it so far!!
Date:08-30-11 Overall Rating 5 out of 5
Just received this item. I love it so far. Fits nicely in my cargo area and looks a lot better than the cardboard boxes I had back there to contain my bags :) Haven't used the thermal carrier yet... but it's a nice size. I love that it all folds down flat when not in use. This would not only be a great gift for Moms but for just about anyone else as well! Keeps food cool and frozen
Date:08-30-11 Overall Rating 5 out of 5
I have an SUV and wanted something to keep groceries in one place along with keeping the food cool as we finished errands on the way home. This did both jobs very well. The cooler kept the milk cool even with no ice packs and was strong enough to carry in my cold foods when it was full. I would recommend this for as great gift for anyone. Wonderful
Date:08-29-11 Overall Rating 5 out of 5
I would recommend this to everyone. it keeps the groceries from rolling around in the back seat or back of truck... wish i bought more. will reorder; Love This Great Idea!!!
Date:08-26-11 Overall Rating 5 out of 5
I love this item & think its a great gifts idea.... WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG TO ORDER THIS!
Date:08-25-11 Overall Rating 5 out of 5
I can't say enough good things about this trunk organizer. It was so nice not to have all my groceries rolling around the trunk. I hate spending so much money on fresh fruit, only to have them get bruised/smashed from rolling around. This organizer held everything in place so no more bruised fruit. It also holds heavy items in place. I also like the waterproof thermal carrier for cold items. This would make a great gift for anyone. Everything in its place.
Date:08-24-11 Overall Rating 5 out of 5
Love this, it keeps my groceries and other shopping from rolling around in the back of my SUV. I can adjust the size to suit my needs. Would recommend this to anyone looking to keep items secure. This is great!
Date:08-23-11 Overall Rating 5 out of 5
I love this organizer. I bought one for myself and 5 more for gifts. My car can stay organized and the Thermal Carrier is much larger than I thought it would be. Love This Item.
Date:08-22-11 Overall Rating 5 out of 5
This organizer is one of the best items I've ever purchased. It's great for transporting groceries home, and I recently shopped at one of those warehouse stores where they don't put anything in bags. I bought a couple of small items, and I was glad to have this organizer to put them in so everything wouldn't slide all over the back of my SUV. This is a wonderful product, and I highly recommend it for everyone. You'll find many uses for it! A Must Have!
Date:08-21-11 Overall Rating 5 out of 5
I should have ordered this item years ago! This trunk organizer I ordered in black/grey fits my life style just perfect. I just received my new car that matches this great product perfect. If you go to the supermarket, this item is a must have for you!!! It don't slip and slide around. I love the COLD CENTER FEATURE. I no longer have to pull items from under the seats and don't have to worry about the bags staying where I place them. I plan using it in other ways to transport food along with other items. I now can return to making my eggs for outings and no worry about the condition they will arrive in. Thanks for this great product. Great for everyone.
Date:08-20-11 Overall Rating 5 out of 5
I already have the red organizer, now I just received the green one!! I bought it for my 2 cars, but this is a great gift for new parents, new car owners, pet owners and also great for kids toys. It's nice for extra jackets, snacks, and coolers. I may buy more for Christmas gifts . I use it on a regular basis, and once you have one, you will too!! Works Great!
Date:08-18-11 Overall Rating 5 out of 5
I bought three of these organizers, one for myself, and two for gifts. My daughter has a SUV and when she grocery shops, groceries go everywhere, thus, one goes to her. I have only used mine once, but it will stay in my car and/or truck for shopping. I loved it, the insulated bag kept my frozen food frozen until I got home, and all the bags stayed put. I definitely recommend this organizer. I'm So LUCKY!
Date:08-16-11 Overall Rating 5 out of 5
My mom bought me this a while back & I find myself using it over & over again. We have used both items on every single road trip with the kids. Thermal carrier is great for taking stuff from home for the kids like organic milk/ cheese/ juice/ fruit/etc. We fill it up with ice & it's great for days on the road. The organizer is great for organizing all kinds of kids stuff on road trips. It fits really nice in the mini van between the seats & easy to get to without a huge mess in the car!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!