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Car organizer, golf trunk organizer, golf cart accessories, seat organizer, cargo organizer, car caddy, car organizers, truck organizer and car trunk organizer. Plus, they’re great for Shopping, Tailgaiting, Picnics, Fishing, School Supplies, Office Supplies and Car Roadside Supplies.

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6-Way Folding Trunk Organizer with matching Wet Pack
6-Way Folding Trunk Organizer with matching Wet Pack
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    Code: C-6-WP
    Price: $31.95

    Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
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    Product Description

    Enjoy the pleasure and piece of mind that our MOST POPULAR COMBO PACK will bring you! Several hundred thousand people and families have purchased this combination, and they continue to do so as they spread the word of this product to their family and friends. The options of the 6-Way Folding Trunk Organizer™ and Wet Pack Carrier™ are practically limitless. We have had literally hundreds of customers offer us testimonials and shower the Inventor(s) with praise and compliments of how useful and practical this combo pack is. It has proven to serve and cater to a multitude of purposes and functions for the most diverse uses one could imagine. As thankful as we are for these compliments, we always remember the nucleolus of where the inception of this product came from; To Keep Your Groceries From Tipping Over and Rolling Around and To Keep Your Cold and Frozen Foods Cold and Frozen on the Way Home From the Store! In addition to keeping your groceries secure, this combo pack can be used for tailgating, BBQ’s, transport of large and/or awkward food dishes, nursery plants, automotive supplies, emergency supplies, crafts, front seat car caddy, kids toy’s, tools, files & books, brochures, sales supplies and sporting equipment and the list goes on… How will you use your 6-Way Folding Trunk Organizer™ and Wet Pack Carrier™?


    S & H - only $9.95 for the set


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