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Wet Pack Carrier Deluxe™
Wet Pack Carrier Deluxe™
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    Code: DLP
    Price: $16.95

    Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds



    Product Features

    • Insulated and leak-proof Wet Pack Carrier™ (WPC) with end storage compartments
    • Perfect for grocery shopping – especially at the “Big Box” stores
    • WPC keeps frozen or cold groceries cold.
    • Will keep cold things cold up to 8 hours if you add ice packs or a bag of ice.
    • Also keeps Warm things warm!
    • Make it either 1, 2 or 3 compartments to fit your needs
    • Folds flat and compact when not in use
    • WPC holds 30 - 12oz. cans AND 5 lbs. of ice
    • DURABLE – 35 lb carrying capacity
    • Great for tailgating, BBQ’s and picnics
    • Contains spills with our heat seam sealed leak-proof liner
    • Two sets (4 handles total) of re-enforced handles – can be carried in any position
    • Quality materials, durable construction and versatile in function
    • Overall Size: 29 ½” X 14 ½” X 7”
    • (2) Dry Compartment Sizes: 14 ½” X 7” X 7”
    • Wet Pack Carrier™ Size: 14 ½” X 15” X 7 ½”
    • Closed Size: 3” X 8 ½” X 16”

    The Profound Products® Wet Pack Carrier Deluxe™ is a fusion of our popular Original Wet Pack Carrier™ combined with our Original 6-Way Folding Trunk Organizer™. There is one storage compartment on each end, and the Wet Pack Carrier™ is built into the middle. This is the perfect item for the person who lives far away from the grocery store, or likes to run all of their errands at the same time; in the name of saving gas. The Wet Pack Carrier™ will keep your cold foods cold and fresh while the organizing end compartments keep your groceries from rolling around. Two different kinds of storage in one product! It is perfect for transport of frozen groceries, cold/hot dishes, casseroles, salads or deserts. Many people use the Wet Pack Carrier™ for storage of leaky automotive supplies, wet suits, ice bags, cleaning supplies – the list goes on. The Wet Pack Carrier Deluxe is also the ultimate party mate when it comes to parties, picnics and tailgating... The Wet Pack Carrier Deluxe™ will literally keep warm dishes warm or cold dishes cold anywhere from 1 to 3 hours (depending on weather conditions) without having to add ice packs. If the Wet Pack Carrier Deluxe™ is filled with ice packs or a bag of ice, it will keep cold things cold anywhere from 4 hours up to 16 hours, depending on ambient temperature and weather conditions. Do not use in direct sunlight if possible. Though the Wet Pack Carrier Deluxe™ is leak-proof, we suggest that you do not store the Wet Pack Carrier Deluxe™ on automotive seats or furniture if you have open liquid directly inside the pack, as the zipper of the Wet Pack Carrier Deluxe™ is not leak-proof. We have built versatility into our quality products, at an affordable price.

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