Frequently Asked Questions's

1. What is it made of?
The fabric is 600 denier nylon/poly blend with a water resistant PU (poly urethane) backing.

2. What are the inside panels made of?
It is moisture-treated, compressed, high density pressed board.

3. How do I clean it?
Spot wash only with mild liquid fabric or dish detergent. Do not saturate.

4. Can I get it wet?
No, though the fabric has a water-resistant backing, the organizer itself is not water-proof. Do not saturate. Do not put in washing machine.

5. Can I find this product in any retail outlets?
Not at this time. You can find certain models of our products available on the nation's most popular TV shopping station and occasionally at consumer fairs, festivals or special events.

6. Can I carry my groceries in it?
Yes. However, we do not recommend carrying more than 30 lbs. in any of our products.

7. How do I fold this into different positions, and how do I fold it flat?
Our demonstration video will teach you several ways to fold your Trunk Organizer. If you are unable to watch the video, feel free to call us at 800-935-2031 and we will be happy to talk you through the process.

8. What keeps it from sliding around?
There are 4 non-slip tabs on the bottom. The tabs are made of a soft, rubbery material. It is guaranteed not to slide on any surface as long as the organizer has some weight in it.

9. Is your product patented?
Yes. Our unique product has been issued 2 U.S. Patents;
Patent No. US 6,206,224
Patent No. US D539,036
We also have other patents pending in the U.S. and internationally on other variations of our products, and products in development.