New 4-Way Trunk Organizer Over all size: 28" x 14 " x 7"

New 4-Way Trunk Organizer Over all size: 28" x 14 " x 7"

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Product Description


Product Features
  • New 4-way, Folding Trunk Organizer in new colors.
  • Basic design, simple use and practical application.
  • For use in ALL VEHICLES
  • Makes a great Car Caddy when it is folded into the 2 -compartment position
  • Designed to keep your groceries stable and secure when you are on-the-go. Keeps your trunk free from clutter and loose items rolling around or spilling
  • Anti-skid pads prevent organizer from sliding around
  • Two sets of sturdy handles allow you to carry the organizer in any position
  • Quality materials. Quality construction. Strong and durable
  • Compact easily folds flat when not in use
  • Overall Size: 28" X 14.5" X 7"
  • Compartment Size: 7" X 7" X 14.5"
  • Closed Size: 1.5" X 7" X 14"
  • Durable 600 d nylon/poly fabric
  • Weight: Approx. 3 lbs

The New 4-Way Folding Trunk Organizer is where it all began for Profound Products®. A truly innovative design coupled with filling a practical need has given birth to a new industry; Automobile Organization". This is the FIRST, the ORIGINAL 4-Way Folding Trunk Organizer™. Simple in design, durable fabrication, logical in function and affordable, this organizer will transform your automobile in a flash. Originally designed to keep groceries from tumbling around in you vehicle; and it certainly does this, and more. Use it to keep plants from getting dirt and water in your car, or fold it into a Car Caddy and put your personal effects in it (sunglasses, cell phone, CD's & DVD's, purse, drinks & snacks you get the idea. This nifty little organizer also makes a great gift. This price may not last forever, so get some holiday or birthday shopping done early and order yours today!
Available in several colors
US PAT # 6,206,224