Wet Pack Carrier™

Wet Pack Carrier™

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Product Features
  • Keeps frozen or cold while you shop
  • Will keep snacks, beverages or any cold dish cold for hours if you add ice packs or a bag of ice.
  • Folds flat and compact when not in use
  • Holds 30 - 12oz. cans AND 5 lbs. of ice
  • DURABLE 30 lb carrying capacity
  • Keeps Warm things warm and cold things cold
  • Great for bringing warm/cold plates to social events
  • Works perfectly in conjunction with the 6-Way Folding Trunk Organizer™
  • Contains spills with our heat seam sealed leak-proof liner
  • Re-enforced handles
  • Durable and strong yet lightweight
  • Size: 14" X 15" X 8"
  • Size when closed: 15.5" X 8.5" X 2"
  • Weight Approx. 1.25 lbs.

The Profound Products® Wet Pack Carrier™ is one of the first soft-sided, insulated and leak-proof carriers that is made large enough to actually accommodate and carry frozen groceries, transport warm dishes, casseroles or salads to social events and even hold all of the drinks at a BBQ or tailgate party. Though the Wet Pack Carrier™ can be purchased separately, we suggest that it be used with the 6-Way Folding Trunk Organizer™ as it fits perfectly into the center compartment. Most people use the Wet Pack Carrier™ to transport warm, cold or frozen food or drinks in their car. The Wet Pack Carrier™ will literally keep warm dishes warm or cold dishes cold anywhere from 1 to 3 hours (depending on weather conditions) without having to add ice packs. If the Wet Pack Carrier is filled with Ice Packs or a bag of ice, it will keep cold things cold anywhere from 4 hours up to 16 hours, depending on ambient temperature and weather conditions. Do not use in direct sunlight if possible. Though the Wet Pack Carrier™ is Leak-proof, we suggest that you do not store the Wet Pack Carrier™ on automotive seats or furniture. The zipper of the Wet Pack Carrier is not leak-proof, so carry with caution when Wet Pack Carrier™ is full of ice and/or water. We have heard from dozens of happy customers that our simple yet effective Wet Pack Carrier™ works exceptionally well for both warm and cold items. We have built quality in at an affordable price.
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